The Art of Tanya Linane
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Normalcy's Hell

Absolute hatred flowing from every pore.
Bile rises, the sickened feeling – tight.
Caterwauling and screeching of dying souls.
Death abound; a land without light.
Energy surrounding forsworn figures in the night.
Fountains and ponds of crimson blood.
Grand palaces with treasure untold,
Hidden beneath bodies of the dead.
Inside the towers, no damsel dares to lie,
Just spiders and demons of blood red eye.
Kings not in rule, their power non-existent.
Leeches and snakes steal their “power” with nothing but a bite.
Millenia of death and chaos amalgamated into one shadow,
Nothingness and oblivion silence the only gift to bestow.
Open swamps of ruin and destruction.
Pain and agony, sins within the dark.
Quivering from creatures to obscene for nightmares.
Reins and leashes tying down to hell.
Salvation, redemption – wishful thinking at best.
The devil’s kin reign supreme,
Unchecked and
Villainous in their ways.
Wandering spirits; revenge their cruel design.
Xanthic ooze dripping from deadly fangs.
Yawping and cawing as crows perch in a yew.
Zephyr rustles past long decaying bodies, whipping the stench through normalcy’s hell.