About Tanya

As uninteresting as I am, some of you may be curious about me. The artistic nerd behind the keyboard.

I went to college for Graphic Design and Printing Technologies. (Mouthful much?) That's right, I can design it, create it, and print it. On a good day...when I'm not as clumsy as usual...For now I fill my time as a Retail worker. Not what I dreamed of, but at least I'm working!

I've got a pretty good sized family, which is growing larger by the day. (We're not Irish, we're rabbits, I swear.) Not that I'm complaining.

I've been lucky enough to do some traveling, as you might guess if you visit the misc art section. I've been given the opportunity to see Egypt, France and the United Kingdom. All were incredible, and I'd go to any one of them again in a heartbeat!

In addition to digital arts and web design I sing, paint, write, and otherwise create my pants off. Heck, even baking and cooking fall into the mix. My newest obsession? Candy making. I know, what color of dork am I, right? However, my favorite, hands down, has been web design from about the age of 12.