Feel free to use these avatars. Just make sure to have a link back to http://www.amberhartte.freeservers.com somewhere on the page. I'd prefer the image itself link back, but I understand that isn't always possible. Thanks!

GIANT avatar, so it can be resized. If anyone wants one without my tag on it, email me Jealousy photoshop avatar of my eyea young couple in love, words are truth and faith armitage Autumn Of The Heart Classic and Pure BeautyรถInnocence an avatar celebrating magic, and ME! :D Pretear Pretear anime girl battle stance Battle cry final fantasy Merody, Tales of Destiny Tales of Destiny Tomoyo, CCS Gemini love Leo InuYasha and Kagome Fire avatar Van, Escaflowne Yohko, Devil Hunter Yohko Rhapsody RhapsodyBraided girl Kitty eye InuYasha Orange Hellion avatar Sakura, CCS Fire, CCS Chii, Chobits Pixel Flowerscleaner version of girl with wings Green haired girl with wings Tales Of Destiny Goddess