This is any art that doesnt fall into the other catagories. I could be traditional art, like watercolors; it could be vector art, or any of a dozen other things. Whatever it is, you'll find it here.

A vector of my character - click to enlargeThis is my character, Terrianna. It's a vector of her, when her magic is fully expanded. Click for the full size version. Oh, and unlike my earlier piece, there's no tracing here. All hand drawn. Go me.

Two lovers made of crystal This is technically pixel art, but it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the pixel art I have there, so here it lives. Click for the full image.

A vector trace of a photo I took In Paris This is a Vector traced image from a photo I took in Paris. Some of you might recognize it from a previous layout.

a palette I use for dollz and such This is a palette I've been known to use for my sprites and things.

Web Pet Bunny Web Pet Chick Web Pet Dog Web Pet Kitten Web Pet Monkey These are some little, adobable, chat-style pets I made AGES ago.